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AI Image Generator By Providing Prompts

Midjourney is one of the hottest AI image generation tools in recent years. Users simply input a simple text description and it can create high-quality images. No special hardware or software is required, as this tool operates through the Discord chat application for command input and generation.

Midjourney can be applied to various industries, such as creating social media posts in the field of marketing and advertising, developing items and resources in the gaming industry, and designing backgrounds, props, and characters in the film and animation industry. The online uproar caused by images like the fashionable pope wearing a down jacket or Trump being arrested are all generated by users using Midjourney, which demonstrates the high quality of the generated images.

💵 Product Pricing
Midjourney offers three subscription plans, available for monthly payments or an annual payment with a 20% discount. Each subscription plan includes access to the Midjourney member gallery and official Discord.

Basic Plan - $10/month or $96/year (20% discount for annual payment)
Standard Plan - $30/month or $288/year (20% discount for annual payment)

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