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Stable Diffusion

The Most Powerful Open-Source AI Drawing Tool

Stable Diffusion is a text-to-image generation model based on deep learning, which was released in 2022. It was developed through a collaboration between StabilityAI, RunwayML, and other academic research and non-profit organizations such as LMU Munich, LAION, and EleutherAI. This free and open-source model allows you to generate aesthetically appealing images in both realistic and artistic illustration styles.

If you use Stable Diffusion in Google Colab Notebook or on your local machine, it is completely free. Alternatively, you can use Stable Diffusion on the Dream Studio platform launched by StabilityAI if you prefer not to install any software or deploy it locally. Dream Studio offers a certain amount of free generation credits, and once those are exhausted, payment is required.

💵 Pricing:
Self-deployment or local running: completely free.
DreamStudio version: New users receive 25 free credits upon registration, which can generate approximately 30 images with default options. Additional credits can be purchased or recharged at $10 for 1000 credits (approximately 5000 images). For more detailed pricing information, please refer to the platform.

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