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Adobe launched a creative AI model called Adobe Firefly on March 21, 2023. Similar to DALL-E and Midjourney, it can generate images on demand with just text prompts. Adobe stated that the model has only been trained on licensed or uncopyrighted content, not works from internet artists.

Currently, Adobe Firefly is being offered as a standalone beta version to obtain user feedback. Based on feedback, Adobe plans to integrate Firefly into Adobe Express and Adobe Creative Cloud, as well as launch more creative applications.

💵 Pricing:
Currently, the Firefly beta version is free to use and access. However, since Firefly is intended to be integrated into Adobe's series of products, there is no guarantee that Adobe Firefly will always be free. As a reference, Adobe mentioned that the services that will integrate Firefly include Creative Cloud (paid service) and Adobe Express (free application).

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